We purchase Surlyn AE4500 AE4800 AE5400 PC2000

The Surlyn resin introduced by Sarin is polymerized by DuPont using a unique Sarin production process. DuPont is the world's only manufacturer of Class 1 polymeric resins.

Main features
The main characteristics of DuPont sarin resin SURLYN?:
1. Excellent low temperature impact toughness
2. Excellent anti-wear and scratch performance
3. Excellent chemical resistance
4, transparent, clear, soft and luxurious luster
5. Excellent melt strength (stretching without breaking under melting)
6. There are a variety of brands that meet the relevant FDA standards
7. Directly paste epoxy resin and polypropylene surface for modification protection
8. Direct thermal bonding on the surface of metal, glass and natural fiber for modification and protection

Surlyn Resins Typical Applications:
(1) Cosmetics field: perfume bottle caps, cream, ointment containers, etc.
(2) The field of consumer goods: various handles, toys such as pet chews, ice buckets, floors
(3) Sports equipment field: golf shells, surfboards, snowboard surfaces, ski boots, skating boots, snow hockey helmets,
Heel lining, rodeo protection vest
(4) Other fields: buoys, outdoor safety lighting, glass surface coating, pipe screw protection cover, fluorescent lamp surface protection