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PA9T KURARAY GENESTAR off grade resin N1000A/TA112/GT2330/G1300A-B/G2450 BK/G1350H/GT2330 BK/ GP2450NH KB327 /GR2300 BK/GW2458HF/N1000 /N1001/LA121 BK/GW2458

PA9T off grade


We purchase all kinds PA9T off grade resin ....Including produced by KURARAY GENESTAR GN2330 BK/G1300A/G2330/GN2330 /G1300H/G2330 BK/GP2450NH/GP2450NH BK/GP2450 BK/GN2450 /GR2300/G1300H-F02 BK/N1000A/TA112/GT2330/G1300A-B/G2450 BK/G1350H/GT2330 BK/ GP2450NH KB327 /GR2300 BK/GW2458HF/N1000 /N1001/LA121 BK/GW2458/GA2330/GN2332/GW2458HF-1BK/G1300H-F20 BK/G1300 M42BK/N1001A M41/G1301A/GW2458 BK/TA124/GN2200/G1350H BK/GN2450-1BK/T1300H /NTB982G3

Hello, this is the contact information of our purchasing personnel. If you have off-grade resin, please contact him.
Tel:+86 13809888676
Tel:+1 6269774577

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