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SK geo centric EAA Primacor 3003/3004/3150/5980/5986/5990/373/378 off grade resin

We purchase all kinds EAA off grade resin EAA (Ethylene Acrylic Acid) ∙ Usage: Aseptic packaging, wire & cables, laminated tube packaging, sauce packaging, etc. ∙ Feature: Excellent adhesion (Tie-layer, dispersion coating) 

EAA Primacor 1321

EAA Primacor 1410

EAA Primacor1430

EAA Primacor3002

EAA Primacor3003

EAA Primacor3004

EAA Primacor3150

EAA Primacor3330

EAA Primacor3340

EAA Primacor3440

EAA Primacor3460

EAA Primacor3540

EAA Primacor4608

EAA Primacor5980

EAA Primacor5986

EAA Primacor5990

EAA Primacor 6100

Hello, this is the contact information of our purchasing personnel. If you have off-grade resin, please contact him.
Tel:+86 13809888676
Tel:+1 6269774577

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