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We want buy Nucrel/Conpol/Surlyn EMAA/EAA off grade resin

EMAA/EAA off grade


We purchase all kinds EAA off grade resin ....Including EAA produced by Dow Primacor /SK Primacor /Dupont Nucrel/Exonmobil Escor/Arkema Bondine EAA (Ethylene Acrylic Acid) ∙ Usage: Aseptic packaging, wire & cables, laminated tube packaging, sauce packaging, etc. ∙ Feature: Excellent adhesion (Tie-layer, dispersion coating) 

Nucrel EMAA  010

Nucrel EMAA  035

Nucrel  EMAA 0403

Nucrel  EMAA 0407HS

Nucrel  EMAA  0411HS

Nucrel EMAA  0609HSA

Nucrel  EMAA 0902HC

Nucrel  EMAA 0903

Nucrel  EMAA 0903HC

Nucrel  EMAA0908HS

Nucrel  EMAA 0910

Nucrel  EMAA 0910HS

Nucrel  EMAA 1202HC

Nucrel EMAA 1207

Nucrel EMAA 1302

Nucrel EMAA 599

Nucrel  EMAA 699

Nucrel  EMAA 960

Conpol EMAA 13B

Conpol EMAA 10AF

Conpol EMAA 20B

Conpol EMAA 20S1

Conpol EMAA 20S2

Conpol EMAA 4R11S1

Conpol EMAA 5B10S1

Surlyn EMAA 7940

Surlyn EMAA 8020

Surlyn EMAA 8320

Surlyn EMAA 8528

Surlyn EMAA 8660

Surlyn EMAA 8920

Surlyn EMAA 8940

Surlyn EMAA 9020

Surlyn EMAA 9120

SurlynEMAA 9150

Nucrel  EMAA 925

Surlyn EMAA 9320

Surlyn EMAA 9520

Nucrel  EMAA 960

Surlyn EMAA 9650

Surlyn EMAA 9720

Surlyn EMAA 9721

SurlynEMAA 9950

Surlyn EMAA 9910

Surlyn EMAA PC2000

Hello, this is the contact information of our purchasing personnel. If you have off-grade resin, please contact him.
Tel:+86 13809888676
Tel:+1 6269774577

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