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We want buy etfe off grade resin AGC Fluon C-88AP/C-88AX/CF-5020/LM-730AP

ETFE off grade


We purchase all kinds ETFE off grade resin ....Including ETFE . Including fluororesins produced by Daikin Neoflon/Polyflon, Solvay Solef, DuPont Teflon/Tefzel , Chemours Teflon/Tefzel, 3M Dyneon, Arkema Kynar, etc,ETFE off grade AGC Fluon C-88AP/C-88AX/CF-5020/LM-730AP

Hello, this is the contact information of our purchasing personnel. If you have off-grade resin, please contact him.
Tel:+86 13809888676
Tel:+1 6269774577

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